Cash in Transit

Businesses are usually targets for theft and robberies. To lessen the opportunities of crime, particularly if there are huge amounts of cash involved, intelligent security measures and safe business practices needs to be in place. This is what we at ProSafe Security are here for. We offer cash security by holding cash-in-transit risk assessment involved in collecting of cash and transporting it safely to a designated destination.

Safety of your company as well as your staff, and complete peace of mind is predominant to the level of transit security, which our company offers. With years of industry experience & cutting-edge technology, ProSafe Security gives you the logistical support that you require and does your banking effectively on behalf of you.

We put our best efforts in keeping your business operations safe with our highly trained couriers & cash-in-transit vehicles that are fitted with advanced security features. We presently offer our cash in transit services to all businesses & organisations in Brisbane and Gold Coast regions of Queensland.

ProSafe Security’s custom cash security services

We tailor the cash in transit solutions to the individual requirements of our clients. Services we offer include collecting cash, counting it and delivering it to the nominated location. We can move any amount of money with complete security. In fact when the money is in our hands, it is quite safe. We are available 24/7 including special holidays and Christmas.

Discretion is one of the main parts of our cash in transit service. We don’t use any armoured vehicle. Our couriers also do not wear any uniform. We minimise the risks of robbery and theft by blending in with crowd. Our cash escorts wear plain clothes and would arrive in your business premises unnoticed to carry out the cash in an unmarked vehicle that’s equipped with advanced security. We keep a low profile and perform banking in a more risk-free and efficient manner.

Contact ProSafe Security for your cash in transit

ProSafe Security is a licensed and insured firm and is known in Brisbane and Gold Coast for offering quality cash in transit solutions in a safe and secure way. This means when you hire us for your services, you can have complete peace of mind that your cash are in safe hands. Our cash escorts are in fact highly trained and reliable.

If you are looking for a reputed and experienced company that offers safe and secure cash in transit services at an affordable rate, look no further than ProSafe Security. We are one of the most well-known cash in transit companies in Brisbane and Gold Coast. Contact us for your cash in transit work.

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