Personal Protection

Personal Protection

Personal protection is one of the most necessary security measures for people who are are targets of kidnapping or physical attack. These people are generally exposed to increased personal risks due to their jobs, associations, celebrity status, geographical locations or wealth.

We at ProSafe Security offer personal protection security services to clients throughout Brisbane and Gold Coast since years. Our low-profile, highly trained personal security officers/bodyguards specialise in providing protection for some period may be a few days or weeks, for a special function or may be round the clock at your own residence and wherever you go. Our security persons can be there with you in complex and high-risk environments as well.

The ProSafe Security difference

ProSafe Security is a privately owned security solutions company in Queensland. We offer top-notch security services and guards to protect you, your assets as well as your reputation. We work closely with you to make sure that the potential risks are actually detected & avoided before they become significant threats.

Our personal protection security specialists very well understand the significance of conflict resolution. They use force as the last option when all others don’t work out. However, if situation arises they may even use force in an efficient way to ensure your safety. Being able to remain calm and handle situations even in hostile environments are what sets us apart from other personal security companies in Queensland.

Our dedicated and highly trained security persons serve clients in Brisbane and Gold Coast, including Fortune 500 companies & governments.

Our employees are proud for being a part of ProSafe Security and play a great role in our company’s success story.

  • Our guiding principles assist our staff to act honestly and ethically all the time: respect for law, integrity, confidentiality, loyalty and fairness.
  • We are a one-stop security solution. Our wide range of service enable us to provide a complete, customised solution backed by excellent customer service.

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