Risk Management

Prosafe security specialises in providing security risk assessment based on business needs, goals and environment. Form a risk management audit we can formulate a action plan and implement effective barriers to reduce the risk as low as reasonably practicable. 

Prosafe security Conducts Security Risk Assessment which allows your business to take a comprehensive and structured approach to identifying, analysing and evaluating the security risks that are Facing your business , its assets and its people.

The Security Risk Management Process starts with a analyses of your entities risks by targeting their source, their consequences and their probability, generating a specialised list of risks and threats that can and will affect your business information, assets and people.

Prosafe security is highly experienced in conducting in-depth Security Risk Assessment’s.

  • Developing an in-depth understanding of each individual business profile and needs, through consultation and a genuine focus on our clients;
  • Designing appropriate and effective security strategies, policies and systems; 
  • Implementing these strategies, policies and systems efficiently;
  • Testing, reviewing and updating these strategies, policies and systems regularly;
  • Coordinating all relevant information, personnel and experts in order to deliver the best results;
  • Continually Monitor progress and results to achieve the best possible out come

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